Paleotologist Career Research Paper

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My goal is to become a Paleontologist one day and travel the world collecting new fossils everyday. I have chosen this career because I have wanted to be a Paleontologist since I was 13 or 14 years old, the job has just always caught my attention. I think the thing that interests me the most about this career is that dinosaurs bones are fossils and I’ve always loved dinosaurs, the history behind them and digging them up from stone. I think I would be successful at this career because I have a passion for it, so I would show improvement and excel in many parts of the career. I would enjoy what I’m doing so my attitude toward everything would positive. I currently have a lot of experience toward paleontology but it’s still something, I’ve always…show more content…
Locating and excavating fossils is the most visible aspect of a Paleontologist, but examination and research are all equally important components of the job. Some personal qualities you need to be a paleontologist are, Detail-Orientated, Problem Sovler, Math Skills, Research Skills, and Patience. There are many more but these are just a few. Working conditions can vary from out on the field actually discovering fossils to in research institutes examining the fossil. Those out on the field may have to endure extreme weather conditions. They may be required to travel frequently to remote locations and carry lots of research equipment in backpacks, which is likely to make the task physically strenuous. Those in research institutes have regular 40-hour weeks in a comfortable environment. The average salary in a year is $67,470. Some benefits to being a paleontologist are paid leaves, medical and life insurance and probably many others. Paleontologists need to Master’s degree or doctoral degree in paleontology for entry levels, bachelor’s degree in geology or earth sciences is mandatory. To get a Master’s degree in paleontology it typically takes three to four years. There are many places you can go to get a Master’s in paleontology, but the top three are Virginia Tech, The Ohio State University, and Pennsylvania State
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