Palestine Resistance Poetry

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South Africa and Palestine are both countries have a history (or currently facing) of discrimination against certain people. Due to this decimation one can see many forms of resistance coming to life. One of these forms of resistance, which was used by Palestine and South Africa is known as resistance poetry. When analysing South Africa and Palestine resistance poetry one will pick up on similarities, however there will also be differences. These differences are due to a different history, although also facing discrimination and human rights abuse. This essay will discuss a South African Poem and a Palestrina poem. Thus will this essay firstly be discussing the similarity of a South African poem and Palestrina poem, and secondly the difference between the South African poem and Palestrina poem respectively.
The South African poem which will be discussed is known
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Secondly the difference between the South African poem “district six” and the Palestinian poem “The Olive tree will be discussed. The difference between these two poems can be identified by the future these two poems portray. “District Six One” has a negative connotation to the future “Broken down people with broken-down dreams”. “The Olive Tree” on the other hand has a more hopeful future. This can be proven by line 7 when the poet says “I shall continue to carve”. “The Olive Tree” is thus a much more hopeful poem, where “District six one”, is a pessimistic poem.
South Africa and Palestine share resistance poetry due to political instabilities. This essay analysed one South African poem, “District Six One”, and one Palestine poem, “The Olive Tree”. This essay firstly discussed the similarity between these poems and that it was identified as the theme they share, for ground being unrightfully taken from them. Secondly this essay discussed the difference between these poems and identified it as the nature of the
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