The Pros And Cons Of Palestinian Refugees

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The Palestinian refugees deserve to return to their homes. The Palestinian people were living peacefully in Palestine for many generations. Today there are 4,375,050 Palestinian refugees living in neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Syria, West bank/ Gaza and Lebanon. I strongly disagree with the fact that so many innocent Palestinians have been force to flee their own homes in hope of finding safety. The Palestinians were innocently living there when they were evicted from their homes, and they need to be able to seek safety in a home once again. The Palestinian refugee crisis is one of the world’s biggest issues today. Israel 's declaration of independence in May 1948, forced more than 350,000 Palestinians to flee their native land as Zionist paramilitaries carried out massacres and forced expulsions. The military of Israel continued to the plan of uprooting and expelling the indigenous Palestinian people, forcing another 400,000 Palestinians to flee their homes and land. Altogether Israel expelled more than 75 percent of the Palestinian populations. 75% of…show more content…
The right of return has been interpreted to mean that, if a Palestine person returns to a former home no longer exists or is occupied by an innocent third party, return should be permitted to the district of the former home. Equal rights for Palestinians stresses that the same rights given to the Jews should be given to the Palestinians. This right also has the right of return included. Peace will never be accomplished until Israel identifies this right and corrects the original injustice that was committed against the Palestinian people. Success in peace discussions can only come about when Israel adopts a policy of "restorative justice" and commits itself to equal rights for
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