Palladium Titanium And Stainless Steel Essay

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11. What are the benefits of palladium, titanium and stainless steel? Although palladium is one of the platinum metals, its lower weight makes it much cheaper than platinum. Stainless steel is particularly hard-wearing and holds some, but sensitive persons sometimes tend to contact allergies (many types of stainless steel are processed with nickel). This is an important aspect that should be clarified beforehand. Niessing is of the opinion that a trauring should consist of a classic precious metal, since this symbolizes the longevity of a relationship most strongly. Therefore, Niessing wedding rings are only made of gold or platinum. Wedding rings with engraving Wedding rings with engraving Photo: Niessing 12. Which surface (texture) for…show more content…
Diamonds are often referred to as Brilliant, Princess or Navette - they specify the shape of the diamond. The cut has the task of breaking the incoming light in the diamond as attractively as possible, thus providing the legendary sparkle of the stone. Inclusions in the stone (for example, carbon) reduce the value of a diamond, since it loses its purity, even if it can only be recognized with a trained eye and a high-quality magnifying glass. The color of a diamond can range from yellow to red, but the most valuable examples are usually white, colorless stones. 15. What should be the version for the precious stones of my wedding? The frame should fit the style of the ring. It is the case that widely protruding gemstones, for example, with bracing on the ring, are of great popularity due to their appealing appearance, but are usually rather impractical in everyday life. For wedding rings, among other things, often the inserted version, with which the individual gemstones are admitted into the ring, are used. There are many ways to put diamonds in a trauring. For Niessing, there is a very special variant: the pointed version, which makes the brilliants particularly

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