Palliative Care Communication Theory

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An option for healthcare in today’s era of medical knowledge and highly increase use of technology has provided some possibilities concerning the medication of patients. Providing care especially palliative care is very challenging in a demanding complex environment of medical and thus requires specialised training and knowledge (Malloy et al 2007). In a study conducted by Duldt-Battey (2003), humanising the communication theory for nursing, the study provides a strategic foundation to assure the fact that communication occurs between nurses and other physicians connected with the healthcare. These typical goals are also outlined in a conductive study of Solomon (2002) that relates to palliative care.
The objective of end-of-life (EOL) communication
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The main tenants of the palliative care relate to the management keeping the preferences and goals of care; sustained and result-oriented communication with all involved in the care of the patient. Thus palliative care basic aim is to give relive to the patient suffering with any stage of disease that is not limited to EOL (end-of-life) (Ferrell, 2010).
The main purpose of this essay is to provide information related to the definition of palliative care whilst provide an outline of the various types of palliative care services and providing the key goals for a palliative care consultation with benefits of communication in the expected care of the
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The chosen topic is communication, relating to or palliative care. In this way, the researcher has used the contemporary literatures that are primary research of different institutions and health centres that recorded the experiences and databases related to palliative care.
It is noted that the databases used for this study are CINAHL, Psycinfo, MEDLINE, EMBASE, ProQuest, and the Cochrane Register of Controlled trials (Central). High quality peer reviewed journals are included from the mentioned databases, whereas, the advanced search option has been done through Boolean model (Lodico et al.,

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