Palliative Essay On Hospice

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Hospice care is a subject that should be talked about more. Some people could be on hospice for a day, week, month or year(s). Death is very scary to think about. People who are healthy do not think of death or the dying process. When someone is dying they must be in the worst pin they have ever felt. Pain is not just physical but can be psychological and spiritually as well. It does not just effect the person who is dying but the friends and family associated with this person feels like they are dying on the inside. Palliative care can be associated with Hospice. Palliative focuses on treating the patient to get back to their normal lives. For example cancer patients. A cancer patient may be in the worst pain ever and live with it for a number of time then be fully treated. Or a brain injury person, It gets worse before it can get better. Yet with Hospice it can stay neutral for a while or be a downward spiral. People can chose however they want to cope with this. Some people may want to be at home enjoying the comfort of their natural environment or they may want to be in a place where there is more of…show more content…
Families sometimes do not agree with the situation. Families will try to put their ideas or plans what they want and not for the loved one. It is a subject they is very difficult to put oneself in that situation. Stated in the article End-of-Life Challenges: Honoring Autonomy “respect for patient autonomy is part of the healthcare code of ethics and many countries (eg, United States and Israel) legally protect patient autonomy and informed consent.” The last wishes for patients travel from the foods they eat, to where they want to die, who they want to be there for them. The list goes go and on. Sometimes people like elderly people never had the chance to say or do the things they wanted to do. That is the time to make their final requests before their time is
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