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I learned something very important as I visited and did research on Palm Beach Atlantic University; it is a place where the spiritual aspect of my life could be an integral part of my college experience. I believe that at PBA., I can achieve both my short- and long-term goals as someone who wants to follow in the path God has laid out for me. I look forward to intertwining my Christian beliefs with my academic and social endeavors at PBA, knowing that God has his hand on my shoulder leading me in the right direction. The morals and policies of the school fit me as an individual because I choose to be involved with activities that contribute to my personal and spiritual development. My Mother raised me to be accountable for my actions…show more content…
Smaller class sizes would enable me to get to know students and teachers better. Every person I come to know creates an opportunity to do good things. I believe God will empower me to make a positive impact on others through my work in the field of Biology, with a strong college education. I also look forward to participating in many local activities, which will help me learn more about God by helping others and improving the local community. I have truly enjoyed all of the volunteer work I have done for so many organizations since I was a child. My Mother and I have baked for and served meals at a homeless shelter for over a dozen years. I have raised money and given of my time and talents by teaching physically and mentally handicapped persons to fish and hunt through the Advanced Strategies organization. I participated every year in our high school Dance Marathon to raise money for children with cancer. Walking every year in the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome, volunteering at a nursery school and working at an assisted living home have also been such an enriching part of my life! These experiences will definitely enhance my Worship efforts in the Palm Beach area. I look forward to applying my leadership and organizational talents during my undergraduate years and then through my career. Ultimately, I want to have a faith-based approach in whatever work I do with my science

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