Palm Oil Fuel Ash Essay

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Large number of researches (David et al.., 1937; Mehta, 1983; Tay and Cheong, 1991; Malhortra et al.., 1992 Swamy, 1993; Massazza, 1993; Nagataki, 1994; Neville,1995) conducted since last century has provided a wealth of information on composition and characteristics of pozzolans and their effects on properties of concrete. However there are not many researches on the performance of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) concrete which is started twenty years ago. The objective of this thesis is to identify the effect of Palm Oil Fuel Ash on concrete strength, durability and water absorption and also to compare it with normal concrete. This is needed to encourage the proper use of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (new cement substitutes) in concrete industry. 2.1 Coconut…show more content…
These reactions occur at varies rate and varies time. Altogether, these chemical reactions determine how cement harden and gain strength. The main product of hydration of silicate mineral is a calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) of colloidal dimension that, at early ages, under 11 | Page scanning electron microscope, usually shows up like an aggregation of very fine grains partly inter-grown together ( Reinhardt, 1995). Beside calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H), other product of hydration are such as calcium hydroxide, ettringite and monosulfate. Calcium hydroxide is also more soluble and alkaline than the other hydration products. Therefore, it is easily subjected to attack by water thus reducing durability of Portland cement system to such environments (Mehta, 1983). The hydration of cement is fast and complex in nature. 2.3 Origin of POFA Palm oil fuel ash is manufactured from the palm oil mill. Palm oil is the result of the operation of extraction that occurs in palm oil fruit, to make the boiler of palm oil mill works we need palm oil husk and palm oil shell as they both burned together as fuel. Generally, after combustion about 5% of the quantity

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