Global Demand Of Palm Oil Essay

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Global demand for palm edible oil has been growing significantly since last few decades due to world demand and growing on population thus increase on vegetable oil consumption (Mahat, 2012). Global population projected to increase from 7.3 billion to 9.8 billion by 2050, this will increase global demand on vegetable oil consumption to 16kg per person per year (Alexandratos, 2012). This also equivalent for calories intake from year 2003/05, 2770 kcal up to 3050 kcal per person by year 2050 (Food and Argriculture Organization, 2009). Palm oil is the raw material which produce multiple nutritious and also has become one of the important source of edible oil beside soy bean oil. It’s also proven highest yield per hectare and the most land use…show more content…
The massive development of oil palm plantation has caused some serious environmental issues, for instance global warming, greenhouse gas emission, deforestation, water pollution, biodiversity loss, air pollution and soil erosion. The development of palm oil industry has been causing the environment degradation which poses major threats and impacts on human and animal health. This is no longer an issue for a country, but it’s had become global issues for the coming century. The ecology issues has been raised and concerns from several international non-profit organizations and also international communities such as Malaysia Palm oil Board (henceforth MPOB), World Wildlife Fund (henceforth WWF) and Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (henceforth RSPO). They are also monitoring closely and implement sustainable development solutions to reduce the impacts of the palm oil

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