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The resort city of Palm Springs in the Californian desert is one of the most scenic places in the West. It is an immensely popular tourist destination for recreation, vacation, and weekend escapades. This lovable vacation spot is surrounded by mountainous terrains and palm groves. The pleasant and sunny climate of the place is one of the major reasons for it becoming a tourist hot-spot. Winter in this city is really warm and people are attracted to come here to escape the cold weather in other corners of the continent. Due to its warm and dry climate, the place is now being treated as a health resort and many people come here to treat their ailment with the dry heat of this desert oasis. This place is in the Sonoran Desert located within the…show more content…
They can get engaged in horse-riding, biking, trekking, hiking and many more exciting activities along the adjoining trails of mountain and desert. The mountains having deep ravines and gorges are covered with green forests with an abundance of indigenous wildlife. At a distance, the barren stretch of deserts and gives an absolute contrasting view. A few indigenous plants named the Californian Fan Palm can be noticed in the desert. Passing along the tree-lined forest track with cascading waterfalls at some points, you can experience the awesome art of nature. During your recreational exploration, you may come across some animals like mountain lions and of course the wide variety of snakes. Peek into History and Culture There are a number of museums, amusement parks and several other interesting places in this city. The 'Agua Caliente Cultural Museum and Air Museum are a couple of notable locations amongst many others. The Historical Society Museums gives an insight into the foundation and early settlement of this panoramic desert city. Tony Berlant 's art installation "A Personal History of Palm Springs" also depicts the evolution of this desert resort. Many interesting cultural events are held in this city, including an array of Film Festivals from time to time round-the-year.

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