Pam Grier In Coffy: Gender Stereotypes

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Johan, this is a perfect example of how women are treated in the professional world. To men, women are perceived as vulnerable, subordinate, nurturing, and of course caring. Women belong in the home and are not seen as an ideal film star. We hardly see women playing the lead role in a popular A-rated film. Take for example, Pam Grier in Coffy, not only is this movie racist but it is also sexist. Although Pam Grier, is playing the lead role, she was still controlled by men and she had to use her sexuality, in order to survive. On the other hand, men in the film used their titles, masculinity, and good looks in order to impress the women. The film also portrays Pam Grier, an African American female nurse as a prostitute, why is that? Again, women
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