Pam Hendrickson Reflection

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Reflection, results, and mentorship help to embrace the truth for our benefit. An effective leader knows her strengths and weaknesses, passions and obligations. She is always learning better to manage her own emotions, faults, and challenges. With the interview, I have learned a lot of leadership styles and motivational theories, which I learned from Mrs. Hendrickson. Pam Hendrickson’s job has never been something I have ever thought about, but when I started thinking about it became interesting to me. Hendrickson’s job and responsibilities are officiating at council meetings and other proceedings, promoting good relationships, and managing and modelling good conduct. Pam Hendrickson will be leaving her position as our mayor after 20 years…show more content…
She has a degree from Lockyear Business College and has continued education classes through Ball State University and the University of Southern Indiana. Also she has served two terms as the clerk- treasurer before running for mayor. Her responsibilities and her jobs are very important to the roles of the mayor. Chairing council meetings make a significant contribution to a good running government. If she wasn’t there would be a lot of decisions made that maybe she did not want made or even something gets changed without her knowing. Next promoting good relationships helps her connect with the community and also gives us the feel as she’s here for us and not just for fame. Lastly managing and modelling good conduct she is central to the dispute resolution process. She has to perform a good attitude to keep the people happy and show the media what a great person she is. In 2012 she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. There is no cure for the disease, but she said she was starting treatment medically and changing her diet and exercising. She said in an article that she was going to finish out her last four year term and leave the political office for good. There is not one thing that Pam has done that will ever be forgotten. She is a wonderful mayor and has always put our thoughts and best interest first above all. Hendrickson will be a long living person in my mind from all the amazing accomplishments she has
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