Pampers Swaddlers Rhetorical Analysis

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Brooke South Adam Ferrari English 1113 15 September 2015 The “Pampers” ‘Swaddlers’ advertisement uses an emotional or pathos appeal most prominently. It also uses a trusting appeal or ethos as well as a logical appeal or logos appeal. Aside from those it appeals to the need to nurture, need to feel safe, and the need for guidance. "Pampers" 'swaddlers' as targets young parents and their need to make sure their baby is as safe and comfortable as possible. "Pampers" 'swaddlers' advertisement uses the obvious emotional appeal to pull in young parents wanting the best diaper for their new baby. They want them to feel as safe and comfortable as they do in their mother's arms and pampers shows this in the ad. It states that you can wrap…show more content…
The need to nurture is “the need to care for small, defenseless creatures- children and pets largely” (Fowles 175), which is very prominent appeal used in the advertisement because you always want to nurture your baby. To console your baby, support your baby, comfort your baby, and protect your baby. The next most prominent appeal is the need to feel safe. If your baby is safe it makes you feel a great comfort and I think that's what the ad is going for. The need for guidance is used for mostly the younger parents probably having their first child. They need to know which is best and the advertisers show that pampers swaddlers is the most trusted by hospitals and shows that you can trust them and guide you to buy them because of the fact that you can trust…show more content…
Therefore I am not a part of the group of people in which they are trying to appeal to. I do on the other hand know people and have family members with children whom would use these diapers because they are a generally trusted brand for many other parents and hospitals. The ad targets many people around me and their need to take care of their children and make sure that they feel safe. In conclusion, the pampers swaddlers ad uses many appeals from the basic pathos, ethos, and logos; to the more in depth use of fowles need to nurture, need to feel safe, and the need for guidance. It is targeted at young parents wanting to use the best most trusted diaper for their baby in order to nurture them and make them feel as safe as they are in their mother's arms. It states that they are the only diaper that is the number one choice of
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