Panama Canal Impact

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The Canals Beneficial Effect The panama canal became one of the seven wonders of the modern world in 1994. It was one of the greatest infrastructures built during that time period. By August of 1914, the canal was finished. It changed the world of commerce, and became one of the two most famous waterways in the world. The creation of the Panama Canal has had a positive effect on trade and transportation to this day. The start of this canal was during Theodore Roosevelt 's presidency, beginning in 1904. The Panama Canal was built under a lock-equipped system. The other original option being a sea-level canal. The canal was finished by 1914. The project as a whole was guided under the Isthmian Canal Commission. In order to make the process efficient, 3 sets of locks are used to lift boats through the water. Three crews, each consisting of thousands of men worked toward each other, all meeting at one point to complete this industry changing piece (Dolan, 83-85). Working men faced difficult conditions while building the canal. The Isthmian Canal Commission eventually gave workers more benefits such as better sleeping conditions and more amenities. European workers were paid $0.20 an hour which was considered decent back then. This created many jobs for Panimainian workers. The canal was originally included within the country of Columbia. Colombia would not accept the U.S. offer to buy the area surrounding the new canal. Panama decided to become an independent nation so that
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