Panama City Beach Short Story

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Going to Panama City Beach my mom said! I haven’t seen her this excited since are last road trip! My dad was packing up. I was getting ready, my sisters were still sleeping. We got in the car! Here we go! It was 8:00 am when we left. I wasn’t in the mood to go. Last Night I had slept like around 11:40 pm. The sun wasn’t out yet it was kind of chilly well for me it was. I felt as if was looking at everything to the color White and Black. My mom woke up my sisters when we were getting ready to eat breakfast at a restaurant….The food was good my dad said. They were laughing well my mom was on what my dad said. After what my dad said I would’ve stared laughing to, but I just wasn’t in mood it wasn’t the right time to go. The trip wasn’t as I expected…It was way funnier I thought it was going to be a boring trip but it wasn’t like but I still wasn’t in the mood. We got snacks, we saw different animals it was pretty nice. But my parents kind of ruined the trip they told us they already rented a luxury hotel but what they didn’t know the payment got canceled. So after all we had to get a very uncomfortable place to stay for 3 nights….. It was the worst.…show more content…
The sand was clear white, the beach water was clear blue it was so pretty! We picked are place to settle we had picked the perfect spot. I stepped a foot into the water my mood “Automatically” changed. It was my very first time going to the beach I really loved it. I really loved…. I was thinking of my pass... All those day those years without thanking my parents I felt ashamed of myself. I was really wanting to thank my parents for taking my sisters and I to our very first time to the beach. I was really thankful for what they have done for us. The trip wasn’t bad at all as I imagined. This wonderful trip was
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