Panama City Beach Trip

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My trip to Florida was captivating and full of attractions. I went to Panama City Beach. From food to scenery to souvenirs everything was compelling. First the weather was amazing. It was very warm and there was a slight breeze. It almost seemed like soft and gentle whispers in the wind. It was very bright and sunny. A few of the days we were there it was so hot. Sometimes in the sun it felt like u were slowly melting. When we would go inside after it got too hot it felt like a fridge. It felt so much better when we got cooled off. The weather at the beach was hot too. We went there almost every day. There were tons of beach towels and people everywhere. Some were surfing, while others used boogie boards. Boogie boards are basically a smaller…show more content…
It was very hot one second and very cold the next. We did this for one or two days. Sometimes the pool would be warmer so the transition from hot tub to pool wouldn’t be as much of a shock. The scenery was beautiful and i would love to return there this summer or one of the following summers for a vacation. Part of the scenery was surfers at the beach it is really cool to watch them rip across the waves. I didn’t see any of the surfers do a barrel. A barrel is when the wave starts to fall and there is a tube in the middle that a very skilled surfer can surf through. I think it is very cool to watch surfers go through one of them. It was cool to see palm trees it was the first time i had seen one in person and they are really cool. Another fun thing was all the animals that i spotted throughout the trip. One of them was a crab, there are many different kinds of crabs such as a king crab and a coconut crab. I am not sure what kind of crab the one i saw was. My friend Levi’s dad Joe tried to catch it and it pinched his finger and made it bleed. After that he kept trying to catch it and he finally succeeded. It was very interesting to see one up
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