Panama Culture

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Panama is a narrow and lengthy country.Panama is about 77,082 square kilometers(772 kilometers) in length, and is between 60 and 177 kilometers in width.Panama is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. With theses oceans come several good harbors and of course the Panama Canal.But with all of this there comes many rainforests, mixed forests and tropical savanna. The geography of Panama has caused many problems with farming so farming is not easy to begin.But the geography has caused many chances for trade,exports, and imports.

Throughout Panama 's time many things have happened.In 1502 Columbus made his 4th journey to the new world, but found his way through Panama and reached the new world. In 1502 Rodrigo de Bastidas
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The culture of Panama is a cross of African,European,and Spanish. Also Panama’s culture is very accepting so there are many religions practiced,but many are biased from Spanish religions.Although religions are vastly different values are not. Panama 's culture seems to say that family is everything, so in many homes, extended family will be being taken care of.Also respect is truly important in Panama. Eye contact is key. As you can see the values of Panama are very strict but in other things such as, dancing and music the country 's true flare comes out. In many of these islands dance and music are a large part of their culture and in Panama this is especially…show more content…
Also fresh fruits are a must, along with coffee.Many lunch and dinner foods contain meat, coconut rice and beans along with local fruits and vegetables such as yucca, squash and plantains.While Panamanians like savoury foods all in Panama have a sweet tooth.Lots of desserts contain bunches of sugar and milk.In Panama though,alchole is one of the most popular drinks.Also many non-alchole liking people prefer a fruit drink or

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