Pancake Chemical Change

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Did you ever blow balloons on your birthday, and the air accidentally escaped turning the balloon to its normal form again? This change is called a physical change. However, If you burned the balloon it’ll be a chemical change. Chemical change is any change that results in the formation of new chemical substances1. Meaning that it turns to a whole different thing, such as a paper burning and turning to ashes. Before it was a paper, now its ashes. Some environmental chemical change is forest fires, acid rains, and photosynthesis. Physical changes result from a change in the physical state of a substance.2The internal structure remains the same. Freezing something is a physical change because when you melt it the substance remains the same. Some…show more content…
When you flip the pancake using your spatula, you can see the bronze shade on the side where the pancake was lying on. The longer you keep it without flipping it the darker the shade will be. This is because of heat, and it’s transformation from the fire to the pan which is called conduction. The color and the aroma from the pancake comes from the Maillard reaction. The Maillard Reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and a reducing sugar, usually requiring heat.5 According to the article “Pancakes, Served with a Side of Science” by Aatish Bhatia it stated “When you raise the heat on your pancake mix, the amino acids that make up the proteins begin to chemically bond with carbon and oxygen atoms from sugars.”6 This shows the process of Maillard reaction, and how the sugar and the protein from the egg in the pancake is an affection. Chemical reaction has indicators to determine its identity. The indicators are evolution of gas and absorption of heat. Change of color is also a part of it. According to the article “Why Does a Color Change Indicate a Chemical Change?” by Bill Robertson, it stated, “There are a number of indicators you can use to determine whether or not a chemical reaction has occurred.”3 This shows that chemical reaction can be identified by some specific indicators. It also stated “Among them are a change in color,…show more content…
So how does the substance change? In pancakes, you need flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, buttermilk, eggs, and melted butter. According to Prezi-“Difference between physical and chemical properties” it stated, “The chemical change happened with the mix of the fluids and the baking soda”7. This means that the mixture of the fluids creates a chemical reaction, and the chemicals in the baking soda (which is sodium and bicarb) also acts as a chemical reaction causing the pancake to be fluffy while you fry it.7 When you mix the ingredients together with water, it causes a chemical reaction, because when you mix everything with water, the baking soda, the salt, the sugar, the flour, all of that won’t go back to its original form. This also makes it a chemical change. However, one physical change will be the melted butter in the pan because it can turn to a solid butter again. You can also realize that when you mix the acids in the buttermilk with the baking soda, the batter begins to frizz.7This is a chemical reaction because those little bubbles they form is a part of the reaction. When you put the mix in the hot pan the mix turns solid in seconds. It can’t turn back to a mix again which makes it a chemical change because it changed substance. The flour and eggs cause the pancake to get the solid look. Does water turn to solid in a pan? No,
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