Pancake Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever made pancakes? A better question is, have you ever made pancake art? Now for those of you who don't know, pancake art is when you draw on a skillet/pan with some pancake mix and voila you have just created pancake art, so i thought i would show you step by step how you can achieve these glorious pancakes. Designing pancake art may seem very easy but let me tell you from experience, its easier said than done. Before you get started you can think up an idea of what to draw or wing it! its all up to you. I’m going to share with you some things to keep in mind when making pancake art. If you're planning on lettering on your pancake it has to be backwards. I would suggest writing it on a piece of paper backwards so you have a reference to look at. Even if you're not going to do any lettering i would suggest having a reference to look at. So today I'm going to be testing my pancake skills drawing an Rabbit. When picking out a batter to use, i would advise you to try more than one. The reason behind this is because some batters are a thicker consistency and may not come out of your condiment bottle. I tried Aunt Jemima and Bisquick pre made batters, Bisquick worked a little better for me. Once you've chosen your batter, wether it be pre made or hand made, you now have the option of putting food dye into your batter. The colors i…show more content…
Now the things that are optional but I'm using after the pancakes are make are, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and red
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