Pancake Pusher's Leadership Model

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The University of Ohio created the Model of Leadership program so they could analyze various measurements ,standards and areas of business management used to interact with supervisors,employees and consumers in various situations. In addition to this, the leadership program also uses diverse business opinions about corporations and employees and how they influence the success of organizations.It gathers the scopes and opinions of corporations to find out the characteristics of competent business leaders. It also compares measurements and areas of the program that analyze partnerships and their relationships between supervisors, employees and consumers. These actions influenced research programs that conducted evaluations on power and influence…show more content…
Business experts believe, the Leadership program created illogical business investigations, ideas and competencies. Business experts also believe, the programs illogical research, evaluations and ideas prevented corporations from conducting further research on the ethics of business managers. These facts provoked business experts to stop their evaluations on public education, regulations, employment and obligations. The article called The Pancake Pusher uses situational approaches that imparts adaptive morals and controls in various situations to help manage corporations. Business experts also believe ,situational approaches encourage friendship and open communication between supervisors and their employee’s. This is a good criterion for hiring managers to use since, it creates sincerity in various business situations .I believe the contingency approach is closely related to the situational management style since, it uses similar adaptable, authoritative and honest behavior to run corporations. These approaches also, help supervisors make sounder business decisions and it also helps them quickly resolve business management
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