Pancakes Character Analysis

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“Oh, the difference between nearly right and exactly right.”(H. Jackson Brown, Jr.) What this quote is saying is that perfectionists do struggle with making sure that everything is exactly right. They always focus on the tiniest of details. In the story Pancakes by Joan Bauer, Jill, a waitress at a pancake house, works on the busiest day of the week and gets overwhelmed with all the work she has to do. It doesn’t help that she is a perfectionist and is the only one working the shift. But, when her ex boyfriend shows up with his family for a meal, he realizes the stress Jill is feeling, and helps her with the customers until it all dies down. So, not only is Jill a perfectionist with everything she does, but is also a very diligent, dynamic…show more content…
Proof that this is true is, “Hugo was speed pouring boysenberry syrup, spilling everywhere—but somehow it didn’t matter anymore. It was good enough.” Jill felt that it didn’t matter that the restaurant was a mess, meaning that she doesn’t need to make everything perfect. In the beginning, Jill is always cleaning; in fact, she has a spot remover kit. She also always planned ahead so that she can be prepared for what comes her way. So, Jill is a dynamic character because at the start of the story, she needs everything to be perfect, but by the end of the story, Jill realizes that she is happy with who she is and that nothing will ever be perfect. Given these points, Jill as a character, has been proven to be a perfectionist, diligent, and dynamic. Throughout the story, Jill was always trying her hardest to make her whole life perfect. Since she was trying to be perfect all the time, she was also diligent because Jill was hardworking, and cared about what she did, such as her job. Also, Jill was a dynamic character because she used to think that everything always needed to be perfect but then realized that that didn’t matter. Therefore, in conclusion, Jill as a character, was a perfectionist, diligent, and
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