Panchanan Barma Case Study

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1. Introduction:
Panchanan Barma was a prominent Indian personality of the twentieth century. Although he is known as the Father of the Rajbangshi community (Barman, K.C.2015, 111), yet he is not just for north-east of India, also influenced to the deprived and disadvantaged communities all over India. Though he debuted as the representative of the Rajbanshi community, yet the every backward communities of the Indian society have benefited in some way his social activities. He is alive in the midst of his works today. Keep in mind; he had appeared in North-Eastern India at a critical period of British India (Barman.Ch.K.2015, 55). But the colonial cycle could not hold him. He became Panchanan Burma through his efforts and dedications towards society. He did not consider about himself, he always thought for others. He dedicated all his comforts of life and fought for the improvement of backward class people. His various activities towards society undetected on the contemporary mirror. His fame would have spread outside India, in today’s media age. But his works for the society as a backward class people has shown small feat on the colonial mirror. Some of the enlightened scholars under colonial rule had promoted to Panchanan Barma as a representative of a particular class, i.e. only the community of Rajbanshi. But his efforts towards contemporary society had been affected to all classes of people more or less. Therefore, the shadow of Panchanan Barma is seen to any movements

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