Pancreatic Cancer Case Study

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Medical Case File : Pancreatic Cancer What is Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreatic Cancer is caused by the malignant growth of cells within the pancreas. This eventually develops into tumours within and around the pancreas, making it impossible for the vital organ to perform its task of creating digestive juices, which are essential for the digestive system, and regulating blood sugar levels through the production of insulin, something which is key to the circulatory system. The majority Pancreatic Cancer usually begins within the exocrine cells, which are key to producing gastric juices, as well as being the most common cell within the essential organ. The odds for survival are bleak for the disease, with only 23% of all people diagnosed alive…show more content…
He complained of a sharp pain in the middle of his back and abdomen, usually we would have told him to go to the chiropractors, but we noticed a yellowish hue in the whites of his eyes, and a tinge of the same color in his skin. As we questioned him further we were told by him that he had been rapidly losing weight recently, although there had been no change his daily sedentary lifestyle. Mr. Jones works in IT at a large law firm, and according to his statement spends his days ,”sitting around eating Doritos and playing fantasy football with the guys”. This statement does not lead us to believe Mr.Jones, is living a lifestyle which allowed him to lose 15 pounds over the past two months. The lifestyle of Mr.Jones also obviously does not help with his type two diabetes, from which he has suffered from since childhood. We also discovered Mr.Jones was an avid smoker, when he decided to attempted to light up a cigarette in the check up room. When questioned about his smoking habits he responded, “ I go through at least a pack or two a day, and some days I smoke some weed on the side as well.” After evaluating the symptoms of back pain and abdominal pain as well as the jaundice and rapid weight loss, this has led me to conclude that Mr.Jones may be suffering from pancreatic cancer, as all his symptoms are true to the disease. Mr. Jones long suffering with diabetes, as well as his…show more content…
A needle was inserted into Mr.Jones’ abdomen and piece of tissue from the malignant growth was removed. We were able to send these cells to a lab for analysis. This allowed us to determine the nature of Mr.Joneès malignant growth as well as specialize a treatment plan to combat it . The biopsy allowed us to gain infinitely more information, and was less intrusive than a surgery. It gave us a better understanding of what the situation in Mr.Jones pancreas, and made treating the disease effectively possible faster. A Related Career - Oncologist: An oncologists job is to treat those with cancer. An oncologist is a regular physician or doctor with specialized training in cancer treatment. An oncologist job contains the task of talking to patients, monitoring them for symptoms, prescribing treatments, analyzing tests, and directing anything else that pertains to cancer patients. Educational Requirements and training: A Bachelor 's Degree, preferably in a science. Passing the MCAT and making it into a medical school The completion of medical school 3-8 years of internships and residencies Passing a licensing exam Salary: The median salary of an oncologist is around $271,000 a year, with the highest paid 10% making and average wage of $450,000 a year, and the lowest 10% making around $120,000 dollars a
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