Panda Ad Analysis Essay

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Panda Ad Analysis
Gustavo Almanza Vargas
Full Sail University

Panda Ad Analysis Advertising companies or people in de print ad industry, use the mastery of manipulating and hiding messages on their ads. It is true what they say; sex sells in most ads. When advertisers are more into in the humanitarian side, advertisers use more simple techniques when creating an ad. The use of a negative tactics to get a positive reaction and be able to project a meaningful idea need to be based in the facts that supports the message. In general, the part of the brain in charge of decision making is run by emotions. The way they get your attention is by showing something as a cute as the image of the panda in this ad while showing the need of preserve this
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Immediately as natural human reaction we star feeling guilty. People analyze all the stuff they buy for a dollar daily that they don’t really need. This is one of the facts that may people willing to help these beautiful and vulnerable creatures. This manipulation goes direct under the human reasoning stimulating your subconscious who makes people believe that by helping these animals they are contributing to improve their quality of life while saving the environment. Using people’s emotions as a key element, advertisers are achieving their primary goal by getting you to follow their cause and obtaining people’s support. In the research from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology published that the distinction between four of these emotions were based on social interactions and constructs. Instead, human emotion is based on four basic emotions: happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted. According; to Jami Oetting (April 09 2016); Also the use of this kind of techniques are use not only on advertising but in many things on our daily life’s. As a consequence, people lives beyond their means because they buy and do things by emotions, and the effect of the ad
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