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Panda Pop is the spin-off of Panda Jam, a riddle game discharged in 2012. In the first Panda Jam, the player 's main goal was to match and break shaded solid shapes to save infant pandas and bring them once again into the adoring arms of Mama Panda. With the new Panda Pop, players must blast coordinating shaded rises all together safeguard and return child pandas to their stressed mother, Mama Panda. Think Snood or Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move. As the game starts, players are given 35 rises to offer Mama Panda some assistance with rescueing her child pandas. On the off chance that players come up short on air pockets, players can either replay the level or buy additional rises for 99 pennies. Much the same as other bubble popping games, a

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