Pandava And Bharat Analysis

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The entire story is narrated through Panchaali, the wife of the five Pandavas, sister to

Dhri and daughter of King Drupad. King Drupad has longs for

the death of Drona, his ex-friend and now enemy. Panchaali grows up isolated from

most people except for Dhai Ma, Krishna, and Dhri. To get her married, King Drupad

calls for a swayamvar, where all of the princes and kings of Bharat (modern-day India)

are invited, and Panchaali will choose her husband from them. However, to be eligible to

marry Panchaali there is an unbelievably hard test of skill. Panchaali ends up marrying

Arjun, a Pandava prince. However, she has really fallen in love with Karna, the

Pandava’s enemy

Arjun’s mother Kunti accidentally tells all four of Arjun’s brothers to share

whatever it is that Arjun has brought causing Panchaali to have to marry all

five of the Pandavas. Because of those five marriages, the Kauravas have to allow the

Pandavas back into Hastinapur and Dhritarashtra is shamed into giving Yudhisthir his

half of the kingdom.

After many years of a happy reign in their own kingdom, Yudhisthir plays a rigged

gambling game with Duryodhan and as a result the five chauhan2 Pandavas and Panchaali are banished into the forest for twelve years and they must

spend their thirteenth year in exile undercover. However, before they leave for exile,

Duryodhan takes full benefit of the situation and orders Panchaali to be disrobed in the

middle of the court; however, due
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