Pandeymonium Analysis

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By Piyush Pandey

Pandeymonium is a book on advertising written by Mr. Piyush Pandey, one of the most eminent personalities in the Indian advertising segment. The book tells the story of Piyush Pandey from his childhood days to his present status as Executive Chairman and Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather India and South Asia and how the entire journey has moulded his personality and also acted as source of inspiration for his work. The book is treasure trove of anecdotes behind some of the most successful Indian ads and is a must-read for the people who are into marketing or advertisement. The book also acts as a guide for freshly graduated students and explains the ways in which he/she can quickly learn the trick of the trades,
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Two good books on Indian advertisements other than Pandeymonium are Indian Advertising - Laughter and Tear by Arun Chaudhuri and Nawab, Nudes and Noodles by Ambi Parameshwaran. In both the books, authors talk about how the Indian advertisement industry has evolved in past 50 years and what has led to those changes but unlike Pandeymonium, they don't take up their own work as examples to make a point even though both the authors have a very rich and vast experience. And this is what makes Pandeymonium stand apart and makes you realize that Piyush Pandey is still as passionate about his work as he was when he joined the industry or maybe…show more content…
Amitabh Bachchan wrote in the foreword, “Hundreds of books on the subject of advertising are released almost every day. But there are some that stand the test of time and remain ‘required reading’. Pandeymonium, Piyush Pandey’s book on the subject, is one such book”. And the book does live up to the expectation. The very first thing Piyush Pandey has written about is how his family has played the most important role in his career and life. They have been his mentor, inspiration, sounding board for ideas and even Google at times. Cricket is another aspect of his life that has taught him a lot. In fact, his first successful advertisement was for Cadbury Dairy Milk and it was based on the game of cricket. From there he went on to create ads for IPL and three of its teams. The work done by carpenters and cobblers used to fascinate him as a kid and would later become the source for his famous Pidilite’s Fevicol ad. He got an opportunity to pay back the country when he had to create a campaign for India Post, Indian Railways and Commonwealth Games 2010. Further on, he explains what goes into making a commercially successful ad. How story-telling is an art and should be kept simple and minimalistic and the important role music plays in a good ad and that inspiration can come from anywhere if you just keep your eyes open. He gives most of the credit for his success to his team who stood behind him like a rock. The book touches upon a whole lot of topics and ends with an

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