Pandora's Box Analysis

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“The Theft of Thor 's Hammer” along with the common myth “Pandora’s box” can be compared by the theme in which is presented. The pair can be contrasted by the goal of the myth, the sequence of events, and cultural influence. The couple came from different background along with divergent time periods. The intention is to explain the backgrounds of myths along with displacing the characteristics, which shows the similarities and differences. The sequence of events in “The Theft of Thor 's Hammer” include, loss of hammer by Thor. Thor becomes worried informes brother Loki. Loki sences idea of where hammer may have ended up. Loki uses Freyja’s ride to Jotunheim, the land of the giants. The suspect Thrym is found and has Thors Hammer. Loki…show more content…
Questions are generated by the eagerness and interest of the character to understand why something can not be done. Could a prize be in the box? Only opening the box will tell. Pandora is overwhelmed with curiosity and steals the key from Epimetheus. After the fact that Pandora opened the box guilt became present in Pandora 's mind. As a matter of fact, what lied in the box was no prize at all. Zeus cursed the inside of the box with sickness,crime,envy, ect. Zeus also added in hope to keep people 's spirits up. The danger of curiosity is within this common myth. Also, by Prometheus stealing from Zeus caused more conflict in the end for the thief. Which is carrying the common theme with “The Theft of Thor 's Hammer”. Within both myths one theme can be generated. The theme which is stealing comes back to haunt you in the end. This idea is prevalent in both myths. The sequence of events in both stories share similarities. The sequence both have conflict and some sort of closure or resolution. The cultural influences play a key role, by time period and types of powerful charactories. Zeus is the protagonist as well as Thor in both myths. Their different within the powers and responsibilities they share. One thing is for certain the goal or theme of the two myths overlap. Stealing comes back to haunt the thief in the

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