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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Panel Beating Industry Having a car is probably one of the most important essentials in a person’s life especially when that person is constantly on the move in regards to going all the way to his workplace or school every single day and wouldn’t want to take a cab or the bus and endure the long commute. However, there are a times when meeting an accidents on the road is simply inevitable. No matter how much of a defensive driver that person may be, there are still not guaranteed that all the other drivers are the same. Other than that, certain road conditions cannot be control and may lead to collision accidents. So, this is where panel beaters come in. 2.2 Panel Beaters Panel beaters are…show more content…
According to USECHH Regulations 2000, employers are not permitted to use any of chemicals hazardous to health (CHH) unless an assessment of the risks has been conducted. That means a company using chemicals hazardous to health (CHH) have to conduct a Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA). The assessment incorporates the identification, evaluation and control of health risks which associated with chemicals used in the workplace. The purpose of CHRA is to enable decision to be made on: 1. Appropriate control measures 2. Induction and training of employees 3. Monitoring and health surveillance activities in order to protect the health of employees who may be exposed to chemicals hazardous to health (CHH). Here are objectives of CHRA: 1. To identify the hazards associated with the handling, use, storage, and transport of chemicals used in the workplace and ; 2. To evaluate the degree of exposure of employees to the chemicals hazardous to health; 3. To evaluate the adequacy of existing control

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