Panera Bread: Fast Food Model

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Panera Bread is a restaurant designed on fast food model which is specialized in offering specialty such breads (fresh bakery), sandwiches, salads and soups. Founded in 1981 as a small cookie shop in Boston by Ron Shaich who has been the Executive Chairman of the Board of Panera Bread Company for over 25 years, the company became the leader in the industry of bakery-café with about 1,562 owned and franchised restaurants. It should also be noted that the company has combined its original cookie store operations with co Au Bon Pain Co, a local bakery owned by Louis Kane. So with the purchase of 19 restaurants of Saint Louis Bread Company, the Company will become Panera Bread operating and franchising many locations in over 40 states including…show more content…
They are Wi-Fi equipped to allow the customer to bring their laptops to use it when they order or are having coffee, dessert or any meal in the Panera bread stores. So those who are looking for a hot cup of coffee and a place to read their newspaper or book, Panera bread is the right place that offer Coffee, tea, and soda, and water with lemons as complementary. All decorated tables inside, and free Wi-Fi and designed chairs make the company, a right place of functional study for college students. The restaurants have equipped of elegant screens that show their bakery specialty products for easy information to customers on the menu. The restaurant Panera grow rapidly whilst maintaining a competitive advantage such as their attractive interior design, fresh baked goods, coffee and tea, drive-through capabilities, rewards card for loyal customers ,…show more content…
One of the biggest advantages of Panera is that the company has a reputation for providing healthy foods at lower costs, customers also have the option of being able to go online to learn more about the contents and ingredients of the food proposed in the menu. They offer menus with fewer calories than the one offered by the hamburger chain

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