Panera Bread Observation Report

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The observation was conducted at the Panera Bread restaurant located in River Forest, Illinois at around 5:00 P.M. on Thursday on the 15th of September. When I arrived at the restaurant, I chose a seat close to the door so as to better observe people coming up to the counter to order. I looked around and did not see any children, the restaurant was mostly populated with college aged people and a few elderly folks. Approximately a half hour later, I observed a white, brunette female with a short ponytail, in her mid-thirties enter the restaurant with a girl of approximately five years of age with a similar brunette ponytail in tow. The woman was holding on to her daughter’s hand as they both walked up to the counter to order. When they arrived at the counter, the little girl’s face was set in a frown as she folded her arms around her torso and stared at her mother. The little girl’s mother glanced at her, and the child took this opportunity to stomp her feet and let her mother verbally know that she did not, in fact, want to eat Panera. The mother looked at her with a dismayed expression, sighed, and told her that if she was a good girl and was quiet, she would get her McDonald’s on the way home. At the mention of McDonald’s, the little
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Operant conditioning can be observed in the scenario mentioned supra as the little girl seemed fully aware that if she threw a bit of a fit, her mother would get her something she wanted. The same can be observed as the mother offered to get the little girl McDonald’s if she were to be quiet and behave. It would be safe to assume that the little girl is very fond of McDonald’s. Further, the little girl’s behavior has been shaped in such a way that she views McDonald’s a reward or treat that is associated with good behavior, and as such she feels compelled to oblige her
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