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Panera Bread CEO started with developing a mission and a step-by-step strategy based on the “goal-setting” stage to clarify his vision for his business. He wanted to create a restaurant that served nutritious food, serve at the speed of a fast food restaurant and have an engaging environment to eat in. He and his team bought a small company to begin and by setting some long term goals he planned for a unique, competitive and successful business. He used the “analysis” state to gather information. He spoke to his team and customers to gather information on their needs and expectations. During his analysis, he realized some Panera business were thin in production, while he noticed stronger concepts in others. He made the decision to change and use the stronger concepts…show more content…
This stage relates to “strategy formulation”. By speaking to the employees and customers, he was able to determine what steps were needed to continue to successfully keep the business running and making profit. He created a document called the document Panera Concept Essence. He developed short term objectives and a tactical plan. He added bagels to the menu and profit increased, then added several more items. By constantly staying in touch with the operations, staff, customers, etc., he was able to improve how the business ran and the products and services it provided, By studying and implementing these strategies, this moves Panera into “strategy implementation”. His philosophy is people work for people, not people work for companies. Based on that philosophy, his company has ranked number one in “110 concepts”, high in employee loyalty and customer service over the years. This touches the core of the community. The CEO of Panera works with frontline employees to middle management to keep them aware of recognizing stakeholders. Making the right decisions on partners, and locations has been an effective strategy for his
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