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Panera Bread Company What is Panera Bread? They serve quality food with speedy service but not too fast like McDonalds or other fast food restaurants nor as expensive and slow as full dine in restaurants (i.e. Chili’s or Applebee’s). “Panera Bread offers freshly baked artisan bread to neighborhoods in cities throughout the country. As of September 27th, 2016, Panera Bread has 2,024 baker-cafes in 46 states” ( They have grown from twenty stores in 1993. Key Factors that drive the industry Panera Bread is in are economy, technology, and socially or society. Changes in our economy altered the speed of our lives, if you live in the city or near a city you know life’s pace is not slow. Unemployment has gone up but I do not agree what the number is today; according to unemployment rate is at 4.7 as of December, 2016. Many people under welfare able to…show more content…
Panera has done all of those as far as I can tell, I personally do not care much for the price or amount of food they offer but everything else is spot on (many people I know love Panera). Panera has many rivals, much more than normal; they compete from both ends of the spectrum which is probably why they are doing so well. Their market is so large they can handle the pressure from outside. Five Forces Model Factor Analysis Impact Rivals competitive Pressure • Buyer costs to switch brands are low • Competitors are numerous and equal in size and competitive strength • Rivals face high exit barriers Very High Potential Entrant Pressure • High entry barriers • Strong product differentiation • Menus change constantly with

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