Panera Bread Business Strategy

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Panera Bread opened its first location in Kirkwood, Missouri in 1987. Now there are over 1,900 Panera bakery-cafes in 46 states. Besides Belvidere doesn 't have any restaurants that can compare to Panera. So Panera needs to be in Belvidere because it will bring a new variety of food into Belvidere. First off Panera has a variety of food options and have breakfast lunch and dinner. One of Panera 's specialties is bread. You can get your sandwiches on any type of bread so it fits to a lot of people. Panera has delicious homemade soups and also have different soups daily. Other food items that Panera has includes gourmet salads and a wide variety of sandwiches and paninis. Panera also sells breakfast all day long. Their breakfast includes breakfast sandwiches and their fresh bagels that are made daily. They also have special drinks like different types of coffees and smoothies. One thing that separates Panera from most…show more content…
Paneras competitor would be Einstein Bros. Bagels. At both Panera and Einstein Bros. they have many different types of bagels. Panera obviously has cheaper prices like at Panera you can get a dozen bagels for $9.99 and at Einstein Bros. they are a whole $14.65. That is a $4.66 price difference for a dozen bagels. Einstein Bros. doesn 't have that big of a price difference for everything on their menu though. For a single plain bagel at Panera it is $1.05 but Einstein Bros. has just a ten cent difference having a single plain bagel for $1.15. Panera is still the better restaurant because they have more than just bagels and some breakfast like Einstein Bros. Panera also has lunch so that would make Panera a more successful restaurant. Some people may like Einstein Bros. better because they just make gourmet bagels and a few other things but Panera would still be the better option with their many other food choices. To be a successful fast food restaurant, they have to be aware of their

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