Panera Case Study Answers

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8. One of the first issues that Panera needs to address is the extensive range of competitors they are dealing with and the marketing approach they have with consumers. Currently, Panera is competing with companies in the “specialty food, casual dining, and quick-service establishments operating nationally, regionally, and locally”. This broad differentiation strategy they are employing is causing them to go head to head with many other powerful restaurant businesses and can cause consumers to be confused on exactly what kind of establishment they are. Are they a quick and easy place, or one where you take your family and spend an hour there eating? They have started to settle into a niche market segment in casual dining, but really need to cement their place there so they know exactly who their direct competition is and how to deal with them. Another issue with Panera is their approach to marketing. Panera “avoided hard-sell” or “in your face” marketing approaches, preferring instead to employ a range of ways to softly drop the Panera Bread name into the midst of consumers as they moved through their lives and let them…show more content…
The reason to have this supply chain issue sorted out is because “76 percent of consumers were more likely to visit a restaurant that offered healthy menu options” and having food that is all natural will appease these consumers. Buying these vendors outright will allow Panera to have full control over its supply chain while also reducing the risk of running out of supplies for their
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