Pangea Monologue

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Hello Doctor! How dare the world decide to change with no warning? It’s probably because people would have gone crazy throwing away all morals or because of people trying to prepare for the change in vain wasting what time they had left to enjoy their lives. Either way I’m pissed. How could I not be? One day everything is groovy and the next thing I know a huge void has been torn in my soul. Is that too emo? Whatever. There’s nothing wrong with going back to your roots is there? Nature is amazing and crazy but I still feel like somebody must be responsible for this mess. How can Pangea just happen overnight? It can be hard having nothing to blame. There no sense in thinking too hard about how it came to be. We just have to keep our heads up. I’d say I hate this situation but Yongguk is always quoting at me that “Hate is too great a burden to bear.” I agree but could you blame me for feeling some hate? Places destroyed, so many people dead from mysterious diseases that only certain age groups…show more content…
I try to not think about the past before this or what comes for us afterwards as individuals and humanity in general. It’s just too much for one person and ends up in a huge shoulder shrug of I give up and I don’t even care that I’m giving up. Tomorrow is going to be a good day though I can feel it. Goodnight Doctor. “Why do you always take such a long time to pray?” Katy asked me for the 40th time. “I don’t” “Yes you do. Go to sleep.” “I am asleep!” I woke up to the sound of something cooking. I totally called that we were going to have a good day didn’t I? We usually had food but not meat since it goes bad and we don’t trust it when we find it. Scouting neighborhoods for food is fun but that’s exactly wear foes would expect you to be so we have to hang low outside town and go in to stock up for what we can. It’s like being a criminal but you’re only scaring yourself so it’s
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