Pangloss On Happiness Essay

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Pangloss: Martin, there is no doubt that we have faced great suffering in recent years. However, had I not suffered the “hellish torment of disease (Voltaire 8),” hanging, dissections, lashings, and rowing in the galleys (Voltaire 75), I would not feel the happiness of enjoying this walk with you in this beautiful and bountiful garden. All events of suffering experience throughout our existence are linked in this best of all possible worlds (Voltaire 79). And I must say, my dear Martin, that “nothing could be better (Voltaire 2)” and we are living a life of true happiness cultivating our land.
Martin: Pangloss, I must disagree with your claim.
Pangloss: But surely, Martin, you cannot deny that the sufferings inflicted upon you have ultimately lead you to this life of true happiness? You cannot deny that truly all is well in this “best of all possible worlds (Voltaire 2).”
Martin: Quite contrary to your philosophic belief, I do not feel true happiness. By cultivating the land and conducting myself in a way where idleness is avoided and productivity avails, I live a life where suffering is merely absent. True happiness, on the other hand, is not present.
Pangloss: If I am to entertain your dreary way of thinking, one freed from suffering must be causally freed from misery. Therefore, is it not true that when one achieves a life of
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In opposition to Martin’s
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