Pangloss Theory In Candide

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Voltaire picaresque novella, Candide, tells a story of a man in seeks of love and adventure. Along the way Candied runs into a philosopher named, Pangloss. Pangloss believes that “all is best in this world” (7) and things happen for a reason. Candide trust Pangloss theory and relates it into his own life and adventures he endures. He’s actions always justified Pangloss’s theory, especially when he was on the hunt for his true love, Cunegonde. Candide had to jump over many hurtles to find her, but always believed that if and when he did that his love was part of the “all is best in this world” theory. Candide loved to believe that everything happened for a reason. Even the earthquake and fire in Lisbon was a sign that things are where they
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