Pangolin Persuasive Speech

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Select an issue of concern in society today- possibly presented in the media- and present your point of view regarding the issue. Form: Speech Audience: Adults Purpose: To inform (Expository) The Armoured and Defenceless Pangolin Sixteen years ago, it was decreed that the humble Pangolin would no longer fall victim to the brutal crime of poaching. But, to this day, the creature which looks like an artichoke on legs is still trapped by the fear of its blood being shed through the horrific practise of poaching. The life of this innocent mammal is still measured by the value of its parts to society. Over nearly two decades the Pangolin has continued to suffer the condemnation of the human race. Whether or not we realise it, the Pangolins’ place in society still remains on the dinner plate, rather than free on the sandy soils of Africa and Asia. The Pangolins’ future at this point seems unfathomable with 4,870 brutally murdered Pangolins seized in…show more content…
It requires everyone, including you to arm yourself and play your part by saying no to Pangolin poaching. To save the Pangolin from its prison, we must first raise public awareness, spreading the idea that the Pangolin is more than meat and scales. The Pangolin is a creature which deserves not to go into battle every day in the armour which we so desire. We should not be satisfied until this is not so. We will not be satisfied until the Asian and African communities surrounding these prisoners are provided with another way of life, putting an end to this game of cat and mouse. Society should not be satisfied until the Pangolin is removed from the despicable endangered species list. Society should not cease to hold its tongue until no single Pangolin is murdered for a useless medicinal remedy. Let us not stand by and watch as another creature is wiped off the face of the Earth. Take a stand! Join the celebrities, such as Prince William, who have already joined this fight for
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