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Imagine a large man at the exit of the parking lot where you and your family is parked asking for a toll in order for you to leave. How would you handle this? Panhandling is a growing problem in Memphis and in many communities. Often time’s panhandlers are not homeless, but are in need of money to pay for their drug habits. One is of the opinion that giving money to panhandlers only contributes to a bigger problem. In order to assist with the problem of panhandling requires the assistance of city government and citizens; thus assuring the money given will help those in need.
Panhandling has been a problem in the city of Memphis for years and is a growing problem in many cities (“Say No to Panhandling,” 2017). In order to deal with the growing
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In fact, “there are two types of panhandling: passive and aggressive. In most communities, including the city of Memphis one will find that aggressive panhandlers often hang around check cashing centers asking for money. When a person turns them down, they become aggressive and began throwing things at the person or use profanity towards them. Aggressive panhandling is defined as “soliciting coercively, with actual or implied threats, or menacing actions. If a panhandler uses physical force or extremely aggressive actions, the panhandling may constitute robbery” (Scott, 2002). One will find a passive panhandler to be a person that usually holds a sign, standing in the middle of the street asking for money. When a passive panhandler is rejected by a passerby they often say “God Bless You”. “Passive panhandling is soliciting without threat or menace, often without any words exchanged at all–just a cup or a hand held out” (Scott, 2002). In an effort to win over the hearts of the passerby the panhandler usually holds a sign stating that they are homeless and need money to feed themselves or their family. The public has a misconception as it relates to panhandlers. The thought is that panhandlers are homeless; however, this can be far from the truth (“Say No to Panhandling,”…show more content…
The problem of panhandling had become a nightmare for so many there. Much of the problems that Memphis faced had much to do with the lack of planning. Memphis did not address the growing problem of begging from panhandlers that plagued their community. So with the outcry from the citizens of Memphis they formed a commission named Downtown Memphis Commission to address the problem. The Downtown Memphis Commission, which is comprised of professionals and service agencies, has asked the citizens of Memphis not to give money to panhandlers. The commission explains that given the money to “a panhandler often only enables self-destructive behaviors like alcoholism and drug addiction (“Say No to Panhandling,” 2017). In fact, one former panhandler and addict has stated, “Giving money to a panhandler is like giving a gun to someone who is suicidal” (“Say No to Panhandling,” 2017). While giving money to panhandlers directly may not be the answer we must do something to help those in
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