Panic Disorder Case Study

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DSM-IV Criterion #1.Tina has excessive, ongoing anxiety, about numerous events or activities. This was ongoing for over six months, since her husband died. Her anxiey led her to smoking, shortness or breath, dizziness, and hands shaking.
DSM-IV Criterion # 2. She had a difficult time control her worring and irrational fear, family and her future. She was worried about the kids and/or believing something bad would happen. She would consistly worry about dealing with the twins. She was not getting sleep because of worrying so much. She has the symptoms of restlessness, irritability, muscle tension (body tied up in knots), and sleep disturbance. She is tired during the day. She was drinking in order to relax and stay calm so she can sleep. The
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Refer to the DSM-IV checklist for panic disorder with agoraphobia and the checklist for panic disorder without agoraphobia. Which of Tina’s symptoms meet any of the criteria? (Be sure to match any specific symptoms with specific criteria.)
Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia
DSM-IV Criterion # 1. Tina has symptoms of panic disorder. She is nervous while driving, and does not like bridges/or crossing over them.
DSM-IV Criterion # 2. Tina has anxiety about being in places or situations (bridges) from which she escapes. She does have panic-like symptoms when she can not control these types of situations and can not excape. When Tina approaches the bridge, she feels panic, and severe anxiety. She shows signs of panic disorder, such as gasping for air and had to pull over in the car. She felt her heart pounding, palms sweaty, and she lost her grip on the steering wheel. It felt like a heart attack to her.
DSM-IV Criterion #3. In Tina’s case, she avoids situation, and endured with distress. It is unknown if her situation is better with a companion.
Panic Disorder without Agoraphobia
DSM-IV Criterion # 1. Tina has recurrening unexpected panic attacks. She experienced thoughts of bridges crumbing/falling while she was

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