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Bre’onna Scott September 5, 2015 History 220 Final Draft #1 Sometimes people do not understand the cause and effect of devastating events that may happen. The Panic of 1873 contributed negatively in many ways to the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. The Great Railroad Strike ended in a way that workers at the time couldn’t have imagined. The Panic of 1873 furnished The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 by supplying it with financial hardship for workers and causing African Americans to be treated unfairly in the south. How would you feel if you got laid off from a job that you depended on in order to care for your family? Most people would feel devastated, hurt, lost, and angry. This was no different in 1877 when The Great Railroad Strike began. Working on the railroad was a popular job in the 1800’s. It was…show more content…
The Panic of 1873 contributed to The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 by allowing hardworking people to experience financial struggle and by causing southern blacks to nearly lose the little hope they had remaining. Although The Panic of 1873 contributed to many bad things, it ended in a way many did not think it would end. President Hayes eventually [sent many troops and militia from city to city] where strike occurred to decrease and soon cease all strikes until it was over (PBS 1). In 1878, many believe that this was when the strike was over, but many smaller strikes resulted thereafter from The Great Railroad Strike. But what we refer to as The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 finally ended in 1879. In result to it ending, African Americans strikes soon ceased to exist. Many of them were still not given pay close to those of other workers, but they did get pay raises. There was more than one hundred people were killed throughout the strike, many gained a sense of peace at the end, which over all is a great result to everyone and their

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