The Pantheon Essay

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The dome is the top architectural design in both the literal and figurative sense. Therefore, as the most difficult element of the building, it becomes the easiest landmark. For the first time, the dome ceiling was developed in the architecture of ancient Rome. For Roman architecture characteristic hemispherical dome with the jacketed inner surface. Once emerged, it was called the fabricated sky, preserved in the heart of Rome. Consequently, this element of architecture has had a tremendous impact on the imagination of many generations of architects. The Pantheon has inspired Brunelleschi for the creation of the dome of the cathedral of Santa-Maria Del Fiore in Florence. The paper investigates the history of the creation of both objects and compares the architectural peculiarities of both buildings. The Pantheon…show more content…
Besides, up to the XIX century, there was no larger dome in diameter. The name of the temple of the Greek means "The temple of all the gods" (Perdew, 2015). It is the perfect example of a Roman temple, which reached virtually without any changes to the present day (Perdew, 2015). The architect Apollodorus of Damascus, who was also the author of many buildings in the Roman Forum, built it during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in Rome (Perdew, 2015). For centuries, the appointment of the Roman Pantheon had changed several times. It was both a fortress and a temple before it becomes a shrine of famous personalities and a well-preserved monument of architecture (Mindel, 2014). Already at first glance at the Roman Pantheon striking simplicity of its composition: a huge volume on the cylinder crown the soft contours of the round
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