Pantheon Vs Parthenon Essay

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This essay will be focused on the cultural use, differences and similarities of Greek and Roman architecture with special focus on Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome Italy. Both buildings have various similarities; I will focus on how each country adapts to their differences. It is important to note that five (5) architectural orders were highly favored in the Greek and Roman architectural pattern. The Parthenon and Pantheon are both ancient temples, while the Parthenon was built in Ancient Greece for the goddess of Athena as a gratitude to heaven for the defeat of Persia; the pantheon was built in Rome to celebrate the Roman gods. Construction of Parthenon started in 447 BC when Athenian Empire was at the height of its power (web (n.d.)) earlier than Pantheon of Rome (27 BC – 14 AD during the reign of Augustus (Wikipedia n.d.) . It would be fair to say that Pantheon in Rome was a copy of Parthenon of Greece at the time. History. The Parthenon predates pantheon by almost six (6) centuries. Built in 447-438 BC in Athens as temple for the goddess of Athena, it represented a visible efflorescence of Athenian imperial power as the new imperial master over other Greek states; it also symbolizes the power and…show more content…
The inscription in the front of Pantheon reads; M Agrippa L F Cos Terium Fecit”or“Marcus Agrippa built this when he was consul, the building was burnt down except its façade and Emperor Hadrian rebuilt it at same site in 126 AD. The building was later given to Pope Poniface IV in 609 AD and converted to a Christian church which saved it from destruction and looting. It was later used as a tomb in the Renaissance and is the location of some royal

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