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7. Case Study 7.1 The marketing practice of Pantone Live in U.S market The general strategy for PantoneLive project in U.S market is: Launching cloud-based color management solution across packaging supply chain to meet the requirement of Globalization of supply chain for fast moving consumer goods companies, by leveraging Pantone brand with licensing to key retail and consumer marketing partnerships and global foot print of Danaher for package industry. However, there are no systematic procedures for marketing strategy forming with 4Ps. Below is a simple introduction for market practice of PantoneLive in U.S market. The product is originated from high color requirements of Pepsi. The price is determined by consideration of traditional cost, traditional profit ratio and strategic impact for X-rite’ other products. Table 7-1 shows the price at the launching stage of PantoneLive. Table 7-1: American Price for PantoneLive Customer categories Annual Fee Remark Designer 99$ Pre-printing 1150$ Production >2000 $ Depends on service content and work scope Brander >4500 $ Depends on service content and work scope The distribution channels are X-rite’s traditional distribution channel. In fact, most of transactions are done directly by Pantone Digital Business unit. There are many promotion activities for industry customers, such as PantoneLive launch party, technical seminars, industry exhibitions, News press. 2 Cases about PantoneLive be taken as objective of case

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