Pants: The Third Summer Of The Sisterhood

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The same series, same author, same girls, and the same pants. What’s the difference? Everything. The Second Summer of the Sisterhood and Girls in Pants: The Third Summer are both in the same series, the main characters are the same four girls, Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget, these books are written by the same author, Ann Brashares, and a big part of these books are a “magical” pair of jeans. Which leaves the plots as the only difference, which is basically everything, so, which one is better? In The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, Lena is reconnected with a former lover, Kostos. This leads to joy and romance but ends with heartbreak. Carmen deals with her mother, Christina, finding love with a colleague, David. Carmen at first does not…show more content…
She works hard by paying for her own classes and earning a scholarship when her parents won’t pay for her tuition. Carmen deals with her mother being pregnant. She also learns to accept David more, not just as her mom’s husband but as her step dad. Tibby learns to love, both in a romantic way and to love her family. Bridget goes to coach a soccer camp where she encounters a former crush that she did some stupid things with two years before. In this book, Brashares shows the characters’ internal thoughts really well as well as their development through the summer. For example, “Love was the best padding anybody could have. And though irrepressible Katherine deserved it a million times over, Tibby hadn’t given it. I do love her, God. I love her so much,” (83). This shows Tibby realizing that although she didn’t show it or truly accept it before, she really loved Katherine, her little sister. This also shows Tibby’s internal thinking and without that confession to herself, she might’ve never admitted to herself that she loved Katherine. Not only that but, like in The Second Summer of the Sisterhood Brashares is able to create a unique plot. For example, while Carmen’s mom is in labor, Carmen has to go pick up David. During this time Tibby helps with the process by encouraging Carmen’s mom and essentially helps deliver a baby. To conclude, Brashares in
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