Pantung Kasarung Analysis

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The Disguised Journey of the Lutung
Pantun Sunda is a type of performance in West Java in which a musical instrument called pantun, a stringed instrument played by plucking is used. This was commonly performed as a part of teaching in religious practice since it tells about the relationship between gods/goddesses with human. However, art is constantly developed, Sundanese people were more interested in “livelier artform” such as Sundanese drama (Ajip). The story of Lutung Kasarung is considered as a sacred story of the Sundanese (Zanten). This story was recited among the Sundanese noblemen as it tells a story which has “social and political comments”. This story contains a lot of Sundanese values. However, there is no official script of the epic. To recall this story, people make a prose for it (Ajip).
Statement of the Problem
The study is focusing on digging into Sundanese culture through studying the story of Lutung Kasarung in comparison to other literatures.
Objectives of the Study
To dig deeper into the study, the author is specifically answering these following questions:
1. Analyzing the plot using the Hero’s Journey of Joseph Campbell to trace the main character’s journey, what are the Sundanese values that are told in this story?
2. What are the positive impacts that the values bring into the Sundanese community?
3. What are the negative impacts of the fact that the story is rarely told nowadays?
4. Are there any folk literatures that similar to
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