Pantyhose Persuasive Speech

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When many people think about recycling, they think about things like paper and plastic. However, there are many other things that you can recycle. Below is a list of things that you probably did not know you could recycle: Eyeglasses If you have a pair of unused eyeglasses in your home, then you can potentially recycle them. It is estimated that four million pairs of glasses end up in landfills each year. If you recycle eyeglasses, then they can be sent to third world countries. Less fortunate people who do not have access to eye care are often given recycled glasses. Therefore, recycling your glasses can greatly improve the life of someone who does not have access to eye care. Carpet If you will be replacing the carpet in your home, then…show more content…
That is why you may not want to throw out your old bike. If the bike is still functioning, then it can be given to someone in need. The bike can be used for its parts if it is no longer in good condition. Crayons You do not have to throw out old crayons. The old, broken crayons can be recycled into new ones. Therefore, you can recycle crayons while you are recycling plastic and aluminum. Pantyhose Pantyhose are disposable, but you do not have to throw them away. They often end up in landfills. Keep in mind that it can take pantyhose 30 to 40 years to decompose. That is why it is best for you to recycle them. Greeting Cards Your home may be filled with greeting cards. However, you should not throw them out. St. Jude 's Ranch For Children has a greeting card recycling program. The old cards are used to make new ones. The cards are then sold. The money that comes from selling the cards will be used to support children and their families. Recycling protects the environment. It also makes our lives easier in many ways. There are many other things that you can recycle beside paper or plastic. Some of the things that you can recycle include greeting cards, pantyhose, crayons, bicycles, carpet and
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