Panyee Fc Teamwork Analysis

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When you think of teamwork or a team who do you think of? How about the word teamwork? Do you think of never giving up and being supportive? Well then the Panyee boys football club is a perfect example of this.In this video “Panyee FC,” The boys show an abundant amount of teamwork. They show there teamwork when one of the boys comes up with the idea of the club and when they built the pitch, and support each other when they lose the semifinal game. The Panyee boys show teamwork, an example of this is when they came up with the idea to make the team.They first started working on what they would do, and how would they be able to play, because they had no clue how to! They said “In our town it had no room.” so they planned and asked where would be the best place to work and play? They worked hard to compromise and layout a plan.One of the best parts of…show more content…
When the Panyee boys loose, they are of course disappointed but they don’t give up. In the video it states “The other team won with the last second shot.” in this clip it shows one of the Panyee boys missing the ball, but they Panyee FC team didn’t blame him instead they supported each other by not blaming each other. Another example is when they come in third and the villager who didn’t believe in them said “Be proud of yourself!” This shows just because they lost doesn’t mean that they didn't play a team, They supported each other and they were proud to make it this far because f the friendship of the team. In the last few minutes it shows the ways of how a team can lose but still win, they lost the game but they didn’t lose their team and give up. They won they support of the village and won the support of each other. This also shows that support of a team makes a team, like I said previously they won the support of each other and didn’t give up, they made a team by supporting each other, not by winning or losing the
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