Panyee Football Club Analysis

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If you problem solve, you will get what you need and want. In the video The Panyee Football Club, the boys are good problem-solvers in the beginning, middle, and end. They believed they could make a team, they built the space they needed, and made changes to the game when it wasn’t going well. In the beginning, the boys are good problem- solvers because they believed they could make a team. The evidences that support my thesis is when the kids were watching TV, one of the kid said, “Instead of watching TV, lets make a team and play in real life.” The boys got together and agreed/ believed that they they could follow their dreams. When they finally agreed/believed, one of the village man was saying that they wouldn’t be able to make a team and create space to build. That was the obstacle they would hit all the time…show more content…
This shows problem- solving because the semi final started awfully bad and it was rainy really hard. That made it difficult for them to play in their boots because they were getting filled with water. So, that slowed them down a lot and it made their points for the team go down. Since, they were so used to playing on the pitch without shoes. The boys went and sat on the bench. They thought through the idea and finally got it. The boys said, “ Let’s take off our shoes.” So, all the teammates took off their boots and socks and started playing. As the boys were playing their footwork got really intense because they were playing on the small pitch before. Since, their footwork got really good it must have been so much more easier for them to play because they were practicing on the small, little pitch before. It probably wasn’t as hard to find an idea for them when their boots were soaking wet because they have been problem-solving throughout the whole story. I noticed that when they were playing without shoes, the boys’ played more
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